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Royal Spice serves all of your favourite Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Indian, Kebab, Pizza. Our menu contains our perfected dishes created by our team of chefs who demand only the best. Browse our delicious menu of Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Indian, Kebab, Pizza dishes and have it delivered straight to your door. With a menu that is influenced by traditional Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Indian, Kebab, Pizza, you're sure to find what you want to eat.

631 Holderness Road,
Hull HU8 9AL
01482 790611

Customer reviews

My order was canceled as it was never accepted by them. It was scheduled for delivery at 8, I got a phone call at 8.40 tel...
My order was poor my guru biryani was lacking in any Indian veg and I didn't get my onion barjees I ordered
For a medium spiced curry it was rather hot would go for a milder curry next time as this was too spicy
very nice kebabs nice to have them on a naan rather than a pitta . very nice chilli sauce best i have had in a while daugh...
Very nice
Spot on